Meet The Team

It is better to have a great team than a team of greats. At Codagami, we have both! We are made up of passionate and creative individuals with a team-first mindset. Get to know the people that make Codagami great!

Jeff Young, President/CEO

President and CEO Jeff Young founded Codagami in 2001 and considers himself lucky to have created a place that allows him to spend every day doing something he loves. Jeff’s areas of expertise include large-scale, cloud-based distributed systems and all things C# and .NET. When Jeff isn’t spending time at or on work, he is with his wife, managing partner Krystal Young, and their three daughters; automating some type of household gadget; or building electronics with aspirations of becoming Tony Stark. Jeff is an avid collector of nothing—“My wife doesn’t allow such shenanigans”—and lists “anywhere warm” as his favorite travel destination.

Krystal Young, Managing Partner

Krystal Young, managing partner and “Jackie of all trades,” has been with Codagami since the beginning. A former English teacher clocking in at not-even five-feet tall, Krystal is known as the enforcer of the office, and surely no one would question that assessment. Krystal and her husband, President/CEO Jeff Young, are caretakers of Benji, the office mascot who is not aware that he is, in fact, a small dog. Krystal’s free time is spent baking, traveling, and helping at her daughters’ school, and her area of expertise is the same as her favorite part of working at Codagami: bossing Jeff around. Krystal is the only office member who can brag that she has graduated from McDonald’s Hamburger University, subtly noting that it’s “kind of a big deal.”

Kyle McDermith, Office Assistant / QA Analyst

Kyle McDermith has been with Codagami since 2019, working as a software tester and office assistant while attending Parkland College, with plans to transfer to the University of Illinois in the future. Kyle is a lifelong sports fan, with allegiances to the Philadelphia Eagles, Milwaukee Brewers, and Dallas Mavericks.

Sam Schoenberg, Developer

Software developer Sam Schoenberg has been with Codagami since 2011. His areas of expertise include C#, JavaScript, the .Net framework, and all of the games in Codagami’s multicade machine. Away from work, Sam enjoys playing Magic the Gathering, speedrunning Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, and eating his grandmother’s special holiday cookies.

Dallas Watterson, Developer

Senior developer and professional meeting attender Dallas Watterson has been with Codagami since 2012. Dallas’s areas of expertise include web development (primarily focusing on front end, making him “the front end guy”), C#, Javascript, and CSS. He is known for having the sunniest disposition of anyone in the office. Dallas can, if asked, wiggle his ears, dunk a basketball (which he has done, he swears), and sing all of the lyrics to “B.O.B.” by Outkast AND “Love is an Open Door” from the Disney animated classic Frozen.

Benji, Chief Security Officer

Benji, Codagami mascot and gentleman pup, has been vaguely aware of the presence of people at the office since 2016, although acknowledging them is an entirely different story. Pastimes for Benji include being petted, being fed, and being annoyed at those who don’t participate in either of the aforementioned pastimes.